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Offshore Steward Jobs


Offshore steward jobs are a great way to break into the offshore oil industry for those without drilling or trade experience.  Job duties vary for the steward position, depending on the rig one lands on. 

On smaller operations, the Steward plays almost the same role as a Camp Boss does on the larger rigs, often serving as the day cook as well as being in charge of the housekeeping and kitchen crew. He or she will have the duty of managing the paperwork and inventories as well as managing employees, placing the food orders, and ensuring that common areas are cleaned and the laundry kept up.   

On rigs that are larger, the Offshore Steward's main responsibilities will be ensuring the common areas and living quarters are kept clean to company standards, supervising the housekeeping and laundry crews, as well as helping the cooks out in the kitchen; he won't have charge of the kitchen, however, and will report instead to the Camp Boss, who has ultimate responsibility over the entire catering department.

A Steward should have some supervisory experience and housekeeping experience, such as one gets with a similar role in a Hotel.  Additionally, the Steward should have some cooking and baking experience, or kitchen management experience.  If your goal is to get into an offshore galley job, but don't have the kind of experience listed above, consider instead getting hired on as a galley hand, and working your way up - many have done it before you.   

Offshore Steward Wages

Wages for Offshore Stewards run from 48k to 65k a year, depending on experience and the responsibilities given to you.  

Getting an Offshore Steward Job

Most of the mid to large companies have online application forms.  You can do this one at a time, or utilize the services of a company such as Rigworker, which will forward your resume to around 1200 energy and drilling companies, after ensuring that your resume meets the format that these companies typically prefer. 

If the prospect of getting hired on as an offshore Chef or Camp Boss is something that appeals to you, you can learn how and where to apply at for offshore steward jobs.

If you are in the U.S., the fastest method of getting hired is usually applying in person at the catering contractors in Houston, TX and Lafayette, LO. 



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