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Offshore Cooking Jobs


If cooking is your thing, then there is no better place to do it than offshore. You'll have the opportunity to refine your skills and make people very happy, which is what good cooking is all about. You'll be able to work under an experienced chef, and learn a great deal about running an offshore kitchen. 

The cook reports to the camp boss or chef, and is responsible for preparing good tasting, nutritious food for the entire crew of the offshore drilling rig, along with snacks. The cook will usually have a night cook \ baker and galley hand working for him. 

Most cooks will start as the night cook, and in some cases will also be responsible for baking bread, rolls, cookies and snacks.  After gaining experience working the night shift, advancing to the day cook position is a certainty, you simply have to put in your time like those who came before you.  You'll work in shifts of 12 hours, usually 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. 

Cooking offshore is a critical job; it is important to keep the crew members well fed, as they are working very hard and burning a lot of calories.  Good, nutritious food assists in keeping up morale.  Most offshore cooks find their job satisfaction to be very high, as they are making people happy, and their work is truly appreciated.  


Wages for Offshore Cooks run from 40k to 50k a year with most Catering contractors. 

Getting an Offshore Cook Job

Most of the mid to large companies have online applications.  You can do this one at a time, or utilize the services of a company such as Rigworker, which will forward your resume to around 1200 energy and drilling companies, after ensuring that your resume meets the format that these companies typically prefer. 

If the prospect of getting hired on as an offshore Chef or Camp Boss is something that appeals to you, you can learn how and where to apply at for offshore cook jobs.

If you are in the U.S., the fastest method of getting hired is usually applying in person at the catering contractors in Houston, TX and Lafayette, LO. 



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